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Why does lip filler migrate

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Why Does Lip Filler Migrate: Understanding the Causes and Prevention

I. Understanding Lip Filler Migration:

  1. Definition: Lip filler migration refers to the movement of the injected lip filler from the initial injection site to other areas of the lips or surrounding tissues.
  2. Causes of Lip Filler Migration:

    a. Gravity: Over time, the effects of gravity can cause the filler to gradually descend.

    b. Muscle Movement: Frequent facial expressions and lip movements can displace the filler material.

    c. Inadequate Technique: Improper injection technique may contribute to filler migration.

    d. Unfavorable Filler Composition: Certain filler materials may be more prone to migration.

II. Benefits of Understanding Lip Filler Migration:

  1. Enhanced Safety: Understanding the causes of lip filler migration helps individuals make informed decisions when choosing a qualified practitioner who uses proper injection techniques.
  2. Desired Aesthetic Outcome: By recognizing the factors that contribute to filler migration, individuals
Avoiding lip filler migration starts with proper planning. It's vital to choose a qualified injector with a deep understanding of facial anatomy and injection techniques to ensure the filler is injected in the right location and at the proper depth. Read up on potential injectors' or clinics' credentials online first.

Is it common for lip filler to migrate?

Although lip filler migration is uncommon, it can occur. The likelihood of migration depends significantly on outside factors such as dosage and practitioner experience.

Does kissing cause lip filler to migrate?

In addition, the pressure from massaging or kissing can potentially cause the filler to migrate, leading to unevenness or the filler traveling past the upper lip. Your lips may be a bit tender and swollen too, so minimize pressure whenever possible.

Why has my lip filler disappeared after 2 days?

Over time, as facial movement increases in areas like the lips or cheeks, it causes the filler to break down and dissolve at a quicker rate. This makes the filler disappear faster in more active areas of the face.

Will migrated lip filler eventually go away?

No need to panic as treating lip filler migration is a very simple process. As lip filler is not permanent, a simple approach is just to avoid any further lip filler treatments until your body has time to break down some of the migrated filler.

Why is my filler above my lip?

The most common reasons why fillers migrate include: Incorrect Filler Placement – Lip filler migration can occur when injections are placed too close together. When not spaced properly, the filler can cause the lip tissue to be filled too quickly, forcing the product to migrate.

How do you dissolve filler that migrated above lip?

If you do experience a displaced or migrated filler, there is a solution: dissolving the filler with Hyaluronidase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do bad lip fillers look like?

A bad lip filler is also known as a 'botched lip job' that results in uneven lips that can also look lumpy, bruised, over-filled or poorly shaped. The overall effect is simply out of proportion to the rest of your facial features which look visually unappealing.

How soon after filler can you see migration?

Depending on your issue, filler migration can be noticed immediately, especially if it's due to overfilling (more on that below). But you can also see it at any time — even months later — as your filler breaks down or the muscles in your face move it around if it's improperly injected.

Can you massage migrated lip filler into place?

If you have a little filler migration you can massage it and move that little bit of it. You have to massage 2 times a day. But if it is a lot of migration then you definitely have to dissolve and start over. My migration is not terrible it is very little and easy to massage and move 🙌🏼 .

How likely is it for lip filler to migrate?

How often does lip filler migrate? Despite the alarming number of TikTok videos and recent buzz on social media, lip filler migration is not a common side effect, especially when performed by a board-certified dermatologist. Although lip filler migration is uncommon, it can occur.


Can lip filler go in other areas?
Though filler migration is most often associated with lip fillers and injections, this risk factor is not limited to this type of filler. It could occur in any area where facial filler is applied, including the cheeks and jawline. It will almost always be clear to see if your filler has migrated beyond the lips.
How do I keep my lip fillers from migrating?
4 Tips for Preventing Lip Filler Migration
  1. Finding the Right, Knowledgeable Surgeon. Finding an experienced and qualified practitioner to perform your lip filler injections is essential.
  2. Ensure the Right Fillers Are Being Used.
  3. Follow All Aftercare Instructions.
  4. Allow Your Body to Heal.
Can 0.5 ml lip filler migrate?
0.5ml of lip filler is less likely to migrate when injected by a skilled professional such as ourselves at Tailored Aesthetics. Migration of filler can occur when larger amounts are used or if it is improperly injected into the wrong areas.
How do you prevent lip fillers from migrating?
How to Avoid Filler Migration
  1. Why Does It Happen?
  2. Choose an Experienced Injector.
  3. Choose the Right Type of Filler.
  4. Follow Post-injection Instructions Carefully.

Why does lip filler migrate

How long until lip filler is settled? About two weeks after getting your lip fillers, the swelling should start to settle down. Although there might still be a little swelling, you should find that your lips look good enough to start take pictures.
How long does it take for lip filler to disperse? 6-12 months Lip fillers can take 6-12 months to dissolve naturally but if you're unhappy with how you look, have visible bumps from the initial injections, or have other complications you may want quicker results.
How do I know if lip filler is migrating? If there's migration, the white lip area will feel 'squishy' and plump.” Although there isn't any evidence of difference in the presentation of lip filler migration based on gender or ethnicity, metabolism may play a role. People who break down filler more slowly will more likely present with migration.
Can you prevent lip filler from migrating? Following the aftercare instructions from your surgeon is essential if you want to avoid lip filler migration. Doing so helps to reduce swelling, minimize the risk of infection and ensure that the fillers remain in the desired position.
  • Can lip filler migration be dissolved?
    • Migration can be corrected by a dissolving treatment. A small test patch will be given to ensure you do not have any allergy to the solution. Although you will see an improvement after a few days, some thicker fillers can take up to two weeks to full dissolve and in some cases, may need a secondary dissolve.
  • Does migrated filler break down?
    • I think my filler has migrated…help! The beauty of modern-day filler is that it is semi-permanent, so over time your body will naturally break down and metabolise the substance. The best option however is to not keep continually filling the lips or face with more product to smooth out the migrated filler.
  • What is lip filler migration
    • Apr 10, 2023 — Lip filler migration occurs when the injectable medication used to plump the lips moves away from the injection site and unintentionally settles 

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