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  • A beauty parlor burns to the ground what type of loss is this to the owner

A beauty parlor burns to the ground what type of loss is this to the owner

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Indirect losses are also referred to as consequential losses. Indirect losses are not caused by the risk or peril directly, but are losses that are a consequence of, or caused by, and resulting from, the direct loss. There are two primary types of indirect losses: extra expenses and loss of income.

What type of compensatory damages will pay for pain and suffering and disfigurement?

The second category, called compensatory general damages, includes damages that do not have an out-of-pocket component. These are typically based on the severity and extent of your injuries and include damages such as physical and emotional pain and suffering and other provable, but intangible, financial losses.

What type of liability would a person who owns wild animals have?

(a) An owner or possessor of a wild animal is subject to strict liability for physical harm caused by the wild animal. (b) A wild animal is an animal that belongs to a category of animals that have not been generally domesticated and that are likely, unless restrained, to cause personal injury.

What covers the damage or loss of a specific valuable item?

Personal property coverage — also known as contents coverage on a home policy — helps cover the cost of your personal items if they are destroyed, damaged, or stolen due to a covered loss or peril.

What is a consequential loss example?

For example, if a manufacturing facility is damaged by a fire, the direct loss would be the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged property, while the consequential loss would be the loss of income and profits due to the interruption in business operations.

Who lived in Black Wall Street?

Many middle- and upper-class African Americans lived there. In addition, it provided the backbone for greater civic and political participation by Tulsa's African American residents. By the end of the 1950s, however, more than half of the businesses had closed.

How many black businesses were on Black Wall Street?

Highlights. By 1921 the Greenwood Business District had 108 Black-owned businesses. These businesses covered professional, retail and entertainment services. In segregated Tulsa, “buying Black” became more a matter of survival and less a matter of choice.

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Why did African Americans migrate to Oklahoma?

Many African Americans migrated to Oklahoma, considering it a kind of "promised land." When the Land Run of 1889 opened yet more "free" land to non-Indian settlement, African Americans from the Old South rushed to newly created Oklahoma.

What type of loss is a beauty parlor burns to the ground?

A beauty parlor burns to the ground. What type of loss is this to the owner? Direct. Damage caused by a peril that is insured against is classified as direct loss.


Which method of loss valuation is contrary?
The replacement cost method of loss valuation is contrary to the basic concept of indemnity because following a loss it may provide the insured with a settlement in excess of the property's actual cash value.
A beauty parlor burns to the ground what type of loss is this to the owner
With respect to the business of insurance, a hazard is · A beauty parlor burns to the ground. · Negligence may be defined as · An insured is driving her car 

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